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AN449 An MC68340 to M88000 MBUS Bus Translator  
AN450 IC Design: A Statistical Approach to Electromigration  
AN452 Using the MC68HC11K4 Memory Mapping Logic  
AN455 Using the Table Interpolation Features of the CPU32  
AN456 Using PCbug11 as a Diagnostic Aid for Expanded Mode M68HC11 Systems  
AN457 Providing a Real-time Clock for the MC68302  
AN458 A Self-Test Approach forthe MC68HC11A/E  
AN459 A Monitor for the MC68HC05E0  
AN460 An RDS Decoder Using the MC68HC05E0  
AN461 An Introduction to the HC16 for HC11 Users  
AN462 FET Current Regulators \120 Circuits and Diodes  
AN463 68HC05K0 Infra-Red Remote Control  
AN464 Software Driver Routinesfor the Motorola MC68HC05 CAN Module  
AN465 Secure Remote Control using the 68HC05K1 and the 68HC05P3  
AN468 MC68F333 Flash EEPROM Programming Utilities - 'PROG' and 'BULK'  
AN472 Software SCI with Receive Buffer for the MC68HC11  
AN473 A Minimum Evaluation System for the MC68331 and MC68332  
AN485 High-Power Audio Amplifiers with Short-Circuit Protection  
AN486 Low Cost MPC601 EVMF using the 68HC05F4  
AN488 Telephone Handset with DTCD-i Development  
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