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AN913 Designing with TMOS Power MOSFETs  
AN915 Characterizing Collector-to-Emitter and Drain-to-Source Diodes for Switchmode Applications  
AN917 Reading and Writing in Floppy Disc Systems Using Motorola Integrated Circuits  
AN918 Paralleling Power MOSFETs in Switching Applications  
AN919 Using the Motorola X-ducer Pressure Sensor Data Sheet  
AN920 Theory and Applications of the MC34063 and A78S40 Switching Regulator Control Circuits  
AN921 Horizontal APC/AFC Loops  
AN922 Temperature Compensation, Calibration and Applications of Motorola's X-ducer Pressure Sensor  
AN923 800MHz Test Fixture Design  
AN924 Measurement of Zener Voltage to Thermal Equilibrium with Pulsed Test Current  
AN929 Insuring Reliable Performance from Power MOSFETs  
AN930 High Voltage, High Current, Non-Destructive FBSOA Testing  
AN935 Compensating for Nonlinearity in the MPX10 Series Pressure Transducer  
AN936 Mounting Techniques, Lead Forming and Testing of Motorola's MPX Series Pressure Transducers  
AN938 Mounting Techniques for PowerMacro Transistor  
AN940 Telephone Dialling Techniques Using the MC6805  
AN941 A 2.0MHz MC68B09E Systemwith Transparent Refresh of Dynamic RAM  
AN943 UDLT Evaluation Board  
AN948 Data Multiplexing Using the Universal Digital Loop Transceiver and the Data Set Interface  
AN949 A Voice/Data Modem Using the MC145422/26, MC145428 and MC14403  
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