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AN1047 Electrical Characteristics of the CR2424 and CR2425 CRT Driver Hybrid Amplifiers  
AN1048 RC Snubber Networks for Thyristor Power Control and Transient Suppression  
AN1049 The Electronic Control of Fluorescent Lamps  
AN1050 Designing for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) with HCMOS Microcontrollers  
AN1051 Transmission Line Effects in PCB Applications  
AN1054 ISDN System Development Using MC145490EVK/MC145491EVK Development Kits  
AN1055 M6805 16-bit Support Macros  
AN1057 Selecting the Right Microcontroller Unit  
AN1058 Reducing A/D Errors in Microcontroller Applications  
AN1059 Pseudo Static RAM Simplifies Interfacing with Microprocessors  
AN1060 MC68HC11 Bootstrap Mode  
AN1061 Reflecting on Transmission Line Effects  
AN1062 Using the QSPI for Analog Data Acquisition  
AN1063 DRAM Controller for the MC68340  
AN1064 Use of Stack Simplifies M68HC11 Programming  
AN1065 Use of the MC68HC68T1 Real-Time Clock with Multiple Time Bases  
AN1066 Interfacing the MC68HC05C5 SIOP to an I2C Peripheral  
AN1067 Pulse Generation and Detection with Microcontroller Units  
AN1076 Speeding up Horizontal Outputs  
AN1077 Adding Digital Volume Control to Speakerphone Circuits  
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