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AN986 Page, Nibble and Static Column Modes: High-Speed, Serial-Access Options on 1 Mbit+ DRAMS  
AN987 DRAM Refresh Modes  
AN991 Using the Serial Peripheral Interface to Communicate Between Multiple Microcomputers  
AN993 Serial-to-Parallel Converter Using the MC68705P3  
AN997 CONFIG Register Issues Concerning the M68HC11 Family  
AN1000 SENSEFETs For High Frequency Applications  
AN1001 Understanding SENSEFETs  
AN1002 A Handsfree Featurephone Design Using the MC34114 Speech Network and the MC34018 Speakerphone ICs  
AN1003 Featurephone Design, with Tone Ringer and Dialer, using the MC34118 Speakerphone IC  
AN1004 A Handsfree Featurephone Design using MC34114 Speech Network and MC34118 Speakerphone ICs  
AN1006 Linearize the Volume Control of the MC34118 Speakerphone  
AN1007 MC68824 Token Bus Controller to iAPX80186 Interface  
AN1008 MC68824 Token Bus Controller to MC68010 Interface  
AN1009 Programming the MC1468705F2 EPROM Microcomputer Unit (MCU)  
AN1010 MC68HC11 EEPROM Programming from a Personal Computer  
AN1011 MC146805G2 to MC68HC05C4 Conversion  
AN1013 MC68606 to Intel iAPX80186 Interface  
AN1014 MC68606 to MC68020 Interface  
AN1015 MC68020 Minimum System Configuration  
AN1019 Decoding Using the TDA3330, with Emphasis on Cable In/Cable Out Operation  
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