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Here are links to various things on the Internet and World Wide Web which are interesting for some reason, but which are only tangentially related to character-cell video terminals.

Text, Images, and Information Encoding

Alphabets, Character Sets, and Fonts

Asking for Help

Viewing Programs (Read-Only) for Microsoft Proprietary Data Formats

Software products by Microsoft, by default, store data in proprietary formats. The resulting files are intended to be read only by other Microsoft products. When Microsoft makes incompatible changes in its storage formats, this generally forces each organization using the software to upgrade every PC to a new version. However, read-only access to the files can be managed using the above "viewer" programs.

New Money: Dealing with the Euro

In accordance with the Maastricht Treaty, the "Euro" currency came into use on 1 January A.D. 1999.

Information on Graphics Formats

Printer/Hardcopy Items

Other Computer Technology


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