Research Machines Manuals

In the table below, the links are to manuals mostly scanned by Antonio Carlini. If the title is in bold, I have a copy of the manual that hasn’t been scanned yet. I am interested in obtaining copies of all the other manuals, or scans of them. I am also interested in details of any other manuals.

Part Date Title
1978-05 Listing of RML Cassette Operating System Monitor Version 2.3 R (PDF, 489 KiB). Thanks to Edmund Cramp.
380Z Mini Disc System for 40 Character Systems [Jules]
380Z User's Reference Card (PDF, 533 KiB; Text, 4 KiB)
380Z System Manual (PDF, 68.3 MiB)
COS Monitor Quick Reference Guide [Jules]
1981-11 Guide to Machine Language Programming for the 380Z and 480Z (PDF, 28.3 MiB)
1981-10 Research Machines COS 4.0 Assembly Listing [Antonio]
RML National User Group Form (PDF, 624 KiB)
IPN 01358101 1981-08 Release Note Cassette Extended BASIC Reference Manual Version: 5.1E (Text, 18 KiB)
IPN 02108101 1981-01 User I/O Cable Instructions (Text, 4 KiB)
IPN 02358002 1980-11-07 Extended BASIC Version 5 Reference Manual Release Note (Text, 3 KiB)
IPN 03038101 1980-12 User Instructions for Installing SIO-2/2B Serial Interface (Text, 6 KiB)
PN 10915 1982-11 380Z Disc System CP/M Version 2.2 Users Guide (PDF, 33.9 MiB)
PN 10930 1981-11 380Z Disc System Information File (PDF, 33.7 MiB)
PN 10939 1983 LINK 480Z Information File (PDF, 3.0 MiB)
PN 10949 COS 3.4 Reference Manual [Jules] (Superseded by PN 10971)
PN 10958 COS 4.0 Differences from COS 3.4 Reference Notes (Superseded by PN 10971)
PN 10965 LINK 480Z Resident Operating System 1.0 Reference Manual (Superseded by PN 10971)
PN 10971 1984 380Z and 480Z Firmware Reference Manual (PDF, 29.0 MiB)
PN 11006 1983 Extended BASIC Version 5 & 6 for Disc and Network Systems Reference Manual (PDF, 108.0 MiB; Text, 467.0 KiB)
PN 11034 High Resolution Graphics, Level 2
PN 11042 TXED Text Editor and Formatter for Disc Systems
PN 11059 TXED for Disc System and Network Station Users
PN 11066 1983 ZASM Assembler for Disc and Network Systems (PDF, 13.6 MiB)
PN 11068 Machine Language Programming Guide for 380Z and 480Z
PN 11069 MOSTEK Assembly Language Programming Manual
PN 11071 ALGOL 60 Reference Manual
PN 11084 FORTRAN 80 Reference Manual
PN 11092 CP/M Interface Guide (Version 2.2)
PN 11646 ARROW Users Guide (PDF, 1.3 MiB)
PN 11682 Link 480Z BASIC in ROM Reference Manual
PN 11684 Link 480Z Cassette System Users Guide (PDF, 2.2 MiB)
PN 11900 1985 Link 480Z Disc System Users Guide (PDF, 32.5 MiB)
PN 11901 1984 CP/M Operating System (Version 2.2D) Users Guide (PDF, 22.2 MiB)
PN 12084 1984 CP/M and CP/NET Programmer's Guide (PDF, 21.1 MiB)
PN 12163 380Z-D Disc System Users Guide
PN 12262 Network Release 2.1 Users Guide
PN 12763 1984-08 Release Note: Extended BASIC for Stand-alone 480Z Disc Systems and Chain Network Systems (PDF, 2.0 MiB; Text, 14 KiB)
PN 12914 LINK 480Z Shared-disc System -- General Information Manual
PN 13453 380Z-D Winchester Disc User Guide
PN 13466 Silicon Disc & Network Access Reference Manual
PN 13819 Network Users Guide
PN 13821 1984-10 380Z Service Manual (PDF, 44.9 MiB)
PN 13821 1984-10 480Z Service Manual (PDF, 31.1 MiB)
PN 15286 1985 Micro Viewdata for 480Z Disc and Network Systems User Guide (PDF, 50.3 MiB)