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AN885 A General Purpose Frequency Counter Using an M6805 HMOS / M146805 CMOS Family Microcomputer  
AN894A User Considerations forMC146818 Real Time Clock Applications  
AN896A Serial I/O, Timer and Interface Capabilities of the MC68901 Multi-Function Peripheral  
AN897 MC68008 Minimum Configuration System  
AN899 A Terminal Interface, Printer Interface and Background Printer for an MC68000-Based System Using the MC68681 DUART  
AN900 Using the M6805 Family On-Chip 8-Bit A/D Converter  
AN902 A Zero-Crossing Application for the M6805 HMOS Family  
AN905 A Transparent DMA Using an MC6809E MPU and an MC6844 DMAC  
AN906A Self-Programming the MC68701 and the MC68701U4  
AN910 Self-Contained Self-Check Unit for M6805 Family Single-Chip Microcomputers  
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