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IDR3060 1978-07 Prime Reference Guide System Architecture & Instructions Online
LDS1627 Logic Diagrams for Types 3006 to 3025 System Option Controller  
LST0783.006 Program Listing TTYT2 (TTY Controller Test)  
LST0784.004 Program Listing RTCT2 (Real Time Clock Test)  
LST0786.004 Program Listing BPIOT1 (Buffered Parallel I/O on S.O.C. Test No. 1)  
MAN1671 Rev. A 1975-07 System Reference User Guide Online
MAN1672 Prime CPU Operator's Guide  
MAN1673 Rev. A 1975-05 Macro Assembler User Guide Online
MAN1674 FORTRAN IV Language Reference Manual  
MAN1676 General Purpose Interface Manual  
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