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VT220 Technical Manual

Company:Digital Equipment Corporation

Unofficial Errata

  • § p.4-5 says that the 8051 CPU has access to 128K bytes of memory for scratchpad. There are probably only 128 bytes.
  • §4.2.7 Table 4-1 shows DUART address from B7F0 to 87FF. This should be 87F0 to 87FF.
  • § p.5-6 the note at the bottom says that the address B7FF is used to stop a counter. This should be BF7F.
  • §5.3 p.5-14 Table 5-2 first row third column reads “CPU RD L0”, which should be “CPU RD L”.
  • §6.3 p.6-37 Table 6-2 says that signal LBA CLR L is developed from either LBA CLRS L or another signal. This should be “developed from either LBA CLRS H …”
  • Table 7-3 (LK201) Keycode for key E01 is given as D0; should be C0. Position for keycap “V” is given as “C04”; should be “B04”. Position for keycap “*8” is given as “C08”; should be “E08”.
  • Table 7-3 (LK201) Keycap for position B08 is shown as “' '”; should be “, ,”.
  • Table 7-3 (LK201) Keycap for position C11 is shown as “. ,”; should be “" '” (double quote, single quote).
  • §9.2.1 p.9-3 “F1 is a 2, 250 Vac input line fuse”; should presumably read “is a 2A, 250 Vac …”


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