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Consultant's Reference Guide

Company:Digital Equipment Corporation

A six volume encyclopedia of what DIGITAL is, what DIGITAL offers, and how DIGITAL operates. The Consultant's Reference Guide is a must for anyone who has the need to know about Digital Equipment Corporation.

The Consultant's Reference Guide familiarizes the reader with DIGITAL's history and corporate policies. It will also provide detailed technical, procedural and contractual information about DIGITAL's hardware/software products and services.

Volume One is an overview of DIGITAL's worldwide operations. It covers corporate history, as well as the current terms and conditions of doing business with DIGITAL.

Volume Two and 2A provides an in-depth look at DIGITAL's cross-market products and services. It tells what software is available and which hardware goes with it. It describes all the peripherals and support services that we offer. In addition, this volume has complete information about our training facilities and customer course schedules.

Volume Three presents the full range of our commercial offerings. It discusses all the products and services specifically tailored for applications in insurance, banking, transportation, telephone communications, and manufacturing -- to name a few.

Volume Four is dedicated to our more technically-oriented products and services. It covers areas such as education, medicine, engineering, laboratory research, and general industry.

Volume Five describes those products that we sell in high volume and to our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This includes processors, terminals, modules, spare parts, and various supplies and accessories, as well as complete systems.

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