The host asks for the current keyboard language, operating status, and type.


Exchange Sequence Meaning
(Host to terminal)
CSI ? 26 n The host asks for the keyboard status.
(Terminal to host)
CSI ? 27; Pn; Pst; Ptyp n The keyboard language is Pn, the keyboard status is Pst, and the keyboard type is Ptyp.


Table 5–14 is a complete list of keyboards and keyboard languages.

Table 5–14 Keyboard Languages
Pn VT/PC Language
0 Keyboard language cannot be determined.
1 North American
2 British
3 Belgian (Flemish)
4 French Canadian
5 Danish
6 Finnish
7 German
8 Dutch
9 Italian
10 Swiss French
11 Swiss German
12 Swedish
13 Norwegian
14 French
15 Spanish
16 Portuguese
19 Hebrew
22 Greek
28 Canadian (English)
29 Turkish-Q/Turkish
30 Turkish-F/Turkish
31 Hungarian
33 Slovak
35 Polish
36 Romanian
38 SCS
39 Russian
40 Latin American

indicates the keyboard status.

Pst Keyboard Status‡
‡The terminal only sends Pst in VT level 4 mode.
0 Keyboard Ready The terminal sends typed characters to the current session.
3 No Keyboard The terminal does not detect the keyboard.
8 Keyboard Busy The other session is currently using the keyboard.

indicates the keyboard type.

Ptyp Keyboard Type
4 LK450