VT510 Video Terminal Programmer Information


The host asks for the current keyboard language, operating status, and type.


Exchange Sequence Meaning
(Host to terminal)
CSI ? 26 n The host asks for the keyboard status.
(Terminal to host)
CSI ? 27; Pn; Pst; Ptyp n The keyboard language is Pn, the keyboard status is Pst, and the keyboard type is Ptyp.


Table 5–14 is a complete list of keyboards and keyboard languages.

Table 5–14 Keyboard Languages
Pn VT/PC Language
0 Keyboard language cannot be determined.
1 North American
2 British
3 Belgian (Flemish)
4 French Canadian
5 Danish
6 Finnish
7 German
8 Dutch
9 Italian
10 Swiss French
11 Swiss German
12 Swedish
13 Norwegian
14 French
15 Spanish
16 Portuguese
19 Hebrew
22 Greek
28 Canadian (English)
29 Turkish-Q/Turkish
30 Turkish-F/Turkish
31 Hungarian
33 Slovak
35 Polish
36 Romanian
38 SCS
39 Russian
40 Latin American

indicates the keyboard status.

Pst Keyboard Status‡
0 Keyboard Ready The terminal sends typed characters to the current session.
3 No Keyboard The terminal does not detect the keyboard.
8 Keyboard Busy The other session is currently using the keyboard.
‡The terminal only sends Pst in VT level 4 mode.

indicates the keyboard type.

Ptyp Keyboard Type
4 LK450