VT510 Video Terminal Programmer Information

DECSTR—Soft Terminal Reset

Perform a soft reset to the default values listed in Table 5–9.




Table 5–9 lists the terminal's default settings:

Table 5–9 Terminal's Default Settings
Mode Mnemonic State after DECSTR
Text cursor enable DECTCEM Cursor enabled.
Insert/replace IRM Replace mode.
Origin DECOM Absolute (cursor origin at upper-left of screen.)
Autowrap DECAWM No autowrap.
National replacement character set DECNRCM Multinational set.
Keyboard action KAM Unlocked.
Numeric keypad DECNKM Numeric characters.
Cursor keys DECCKM Normal (arrow keys).
Set top and bottom margins DECSTBM Top margin = 1; bottom margin = page length.
All character sets G0, G1, G2, G3, GL, GR Default settings.
Select graphic rendition SGR Normal rendition.
Select character attribute DECSCA Normal (erasable by DECSEL and DECSED).
Save cursor state DECSC Home position.
Assign user preference supplemental set DECAUPSS Set selected in Set-Up.
Select active status display DECSASD Main display.
Keyboard position mode DECKPM Character codes.
Cursor direction DECRLM Reset (Left-to-right), regardless of NVR setting.
PC Term mode DECPCTERM Always reset.