VT510 Video Terminal Programmer Information

DECRSPS—Restore Presentation State

This control function restores the terminal to a previous state based on one of the presentation state reports. There are two presentation state reports.

A DECRSPS sequence can only restore the information from one report at a time, cursor information, or tab stop.

Programming Tip
Applications can use DECRSPS to restore the terminal to a previous state specified in a presentation state report. See the previous "Cursor Information Report (DECCIR)" section in this chapter.


D ... D


indicates the format of the data string (D . . . D). You can use one of the two following formats for the data string. These formats correspond to the formats used in the two presentation state reports (DECPSR). Make sure you use the format of the report you are restoring.

Ps Data String Format
0 Error, restore ignored.
1 Selects the format of the cursor information report (DECCIR).
2 Selects the format of the tab stop report (DECTABSR).

D ... D
is a data string that contains the restored information. This string is identical to the data string used in the report you are restoring– Cursor Information Report (DECCIR) or Tab Stop Report (DECTABSR).


The following DECRSPS sequence restores tab stops according to the tab stop report (DECTABSR):

DCS 2 $ t 9/ 17/ 25/ 33/ 41/ 49/ 57/ 65/ 73 ST

Note that the data string format above is exactly the same as the format for the tab stop report (DECTABSR). If there is an invalid value in the DECRSPS sequence, then the terminal ignores the rest of the sequence. This action may leave the terminal in a partially restored state.