VT510 Video Terminal Programmer Information

DECPKA—Program Key Action

Allow changes to programmable keys, which affects all the keys on the keyboard in all the VT modes except in VT52 mode.




This sequence has two functions:

  1. Lock the keys from redefinition.
  2. Restore the definitions of the keys either from the factory default or the NVR.

If set to "1," the parameter determines whether the keys will be locked. Any attempt to program keys will be invalid.

If the keys are not locked, then the keys are available for further definition either through Set-Up or control functions DECPFK, DECPAK, DECCKD, and DECUDK. But if "Lock UDK" is enabled by DECUDK, then the attempt to program the keys does not take effect. (Refer to DECUDK—User Defined Keys for details.)

Once locked, keys can only be unlocked through Set-Up. There is no host control function that can unlock the keys.

If the parameter Ps is set to 2, then all the keys and keys/modifiers combination restore to their factory default states. Refer to DECCKD—Copy Key Default if restoring defaults for a single key and key/modifier combination.

If the parameter Ps is set to 3, all saved settings of the keys and keys/modifiers combination are recalled from the NVR.

If the keys are locked for further definition, then restore and recall operations are not valid.

Ps1 Program Key Action
0 or none None
1 Locks keys and keys/modifiers from further definition
2 Restores factory defaults of all the keys and their keys/modifiers
3 Recalls saved keys definition