VT510 Video Terminal Programmer Information

DECCKD—Copy Key Default

Copies the default states of a key and its key/modifier combination to another key and its key/modifier combination.


D . . . D
D . . . D


This control function copies the default states of a key and all its modifier combinations to another key and its modifier combinations. The source key may have been reprogrammed to perform a non-default function when copy operation is executed. Only the default states of the source key are copied.

The source key and the destination key can be two different keys or the same key. If they are different keys, then the copy operation occupies the memory space that is reserved for the operations of control functions, DECPFK, DECPAK, and DECUDK and their equivalent functions in Set-Up. (Refer to DECPFK—Program Function Key for details.) If they are the same key, then the function of the copy operation is to restore the key's default. In this state, the terminal does not allocate new memory space. The terminal frees up the space by deleting the non-default functions of the destination key and its modifier combinations.

A function key can copy the default state from a function key or a graphic key. When a graphic key's default is copied, the function key operates as a graphic key. Only the modifiers that are suitable for a graphic key operate with the key. This logic is used when a graphic key copies the default from a function key.

Multiple keys can be copied in one sequence.

The data string D...D format is:



Once programmed, the key states are not affected by the terminal mode changes. Refer to DECPFK—Program Function Key for the list of terminal mode changes.

This function works in all the VT modes except in VT52 mode.