Table 4-10 Soft Terminal Reset (DECSTR) States
Sequence State Stored in NVR
* Applies only to later restore cursor commands (DECRC).
Text cursor On Yes, NVR value ignored.
Insert/replace Replace No
Origin mode Absolute No
Auto wrap Off Yes, NVR value ignored.
Keyboard action Unlocked No
Keypad dode Numeric No
Cursor key mode Normal No
Top margin 1 No
Bottom margin 24 No
Multinational/ national Multinational Yes, NVR value ignored.

NOTE: The current mode (national or multinational) is not affected by the "Reset Terminal" field in set-up.

Character Sets VT200 defaults when in VT200 mode.
VT100 defaults (via set-up only) when in VT52 or VT100 mode.
    G0, G1,
G2, G3
Video character attributes Normal No
Selective erase attributes Normal
(erasable by DECSEL/DECSED)
Save Cursor State* No
    Cursor position Home
Character sets VT100 or VT200 defaults (as appropriate)
Selective erase attribute bit write state Off
SGR write state Normal
Origin mode Normal (reset)
Character shift (G0 to GL, G2 to GR, no shifts) Power-up defaults