VT220 Programmer Reference Manual


This reference manual is for people with a knowledge of basic computer programming. The manual provides the information needed to access VT220 features. The manual is organized into the following chapters and appendices.

Chapter 1, "Terminal Overview", introduces you to the terminal. The chapter briefly discusses the terminal's capabilities and operating modes.

Chapter 2, "Character Encoding", describes the character encoding schemes used for the terminal. The chapter also describes the terminal's character sets and provides an overview of the control function format.

Chapter 3, "Transmitted Codes", describes the codes that the terminal sends to a program.

Chapter 4, "Received Codes", describes the codes that the terminal recognizes and responds to.

Appendix A, "VT220/VT102 Differences", describes the major differences between a VT102 terminal and the VT220 terminal operating in a VT100 mode.

Appendix B, "Additional VT220 Documents", describes other VT220 documents you can order from Digital.

Appendix C, "Using Control Codes", provides general suggestions on how to use VT220 control codes in any software application.