Table 5-7 Permanently Selected Modes
Name Mnemonic Selection Function
Control representation CRM Reset Terminal performs control functions with displaying a character to represent control function received.
Editing boundary EBM Reset Characters moved outside the margins are lost; terminal does not perform erasing and cursor positioning functions outside the margins. This does not affect horizontal and vertical position (HVP) and cursor position (CUP) sequences.
Erasure ERM Set All characters displayed can be erased.
Format effector action FEAM Reset Terminal immediately performs control functions that affect the screen display.
Format effector tranfer FETM N/A -
Guarded area transfer GATM N/A -
Horizontal editing HEM N/A -
Multiple area transfer MATM N/A -
Positioning unit PUM Reset Terminal specifies horizontal and vertical positioning parameters in control functions in units of characters position.
Selected area transfer SATM N/A -
Status reporting transfer SRTM Reset Terminal transmits status reports by using device status report (DSR) sequence.
Tabulation stop TSM Reset Tab stop selections apply to corresponding screen columns for all lines.
Transfer termination TTM N/A -
Vertical editing VEM N/A -