Table 5-4 SET-UP Features and Modes
SET-UP Feature or Mode Change from Computer Change from Keyboard in SET-UP
On/off line No Yes
Screen brightness No Yes
Columns per line Yes (DECCOLM) Yes
Tab stops Yes (HTS/TBC)* Yes
Scroll Yes (DECSCLM) Yes
Auto repeat Yes (DECARM) Yes
Screen background Yes (DECSCNM) Yes
Cursor No Yes
Margin bell No Yes
Keyclick No Yes
Auto XON/XOFF No Yes
US/UK character set Yes (SCS)* Yes
Auto wrap Yes (DECAWM) Yes
Linefeed/new line Yes (LNM) Yes
Local echo Yes (SRM) Yes
Print termination character Yes (DECPFF) Yes
Printer extent Yes (DECPEX) Yes
One or two stop bits No Yes
Receive parity No Yes
Break enable No Yes
Disconnect character enable No Yes
Disconnect delay No Yes
Auto answerback enable No Yes
Initial direction No Yes
Auto turnaround No Yes
Power No Yes
WPS terminal No Yes
Clock No Yes
Modem data/parity bits No Yes
Transmit speed No Yes
Receive speed No Yes
Modem control No Yes
Turnaround/disconnect character No Yes
Printer data/parity bits No Yes
Transmit/receive speed No Yes
Application keypad mode/numeric keypad mode Yes (DECKPAM/DECKPNM)* No
Cursor key mode Yes (DECCKM) No
Origin mode Yes (DECOM) No
Insertion-replacement mode Yes (IRM) No
* These features are not changed using the set mode (SM) and reset mode (RM) sequences.