Table 5-3 Escape and Control Sequences
ANSI-Compatible Sequences
SET-UP Feature and Mode Selection
  • Set mode (SM) and reset mode (RM)
ANSI/VT52 Compatibility
  • ANSI/VT52 mode (DECANM)
  • Scroll mode (DECSCLM)
Scrolling Region
  • Set top and bottom margins (DECSTBM)
  • Origin mode (DECOM)
Cursor Positioning
  • Cursor up (CUU)
  • Cursor down (CUD)
  • Cursor forward (CUF)
  • Cursor backward (CUB)
  • Cursor position (CUP)
  • Horizontal and vertical position (HVP)
  • Index (IND)
  • Reverse index (RI)
  • Next line (NEL)
  • Save cursor (DECSC)
  • Restore cursor (DECRC)
Columns Per Line
  • Column mode (DECCOLM)
Auto Wrap
  • Auto wrap mode (DECAWM)
Screen Background
  • Screen mode (DECSCNM)
Linefeed/New Line
  • Linefeed/new line mode (LNM)
Keyboard Action
  • Keyboard action mode (KAM)
Auto Repeat
  • Auto repeat mode (DECARM)
Local Echo
  • Send-receive mode (SRM)
Cursor Key Character Selection
  • Cursor key mode (DECCKM)
Keypad Character Selection
  • Numeric keypad (DECKPNM)
  • Application keypad (DECKPAM)
Character Sets and Selection
  • Select character set (SCS)
  • Single shift 2 (SS2)
  • Single shift 3 (SS3)
Character Attributes
  • Select graphic rendition (SGR)
Tab Stops
  • Horizontal tab set (HTS)
  • Tabulation clear (TBC)
Line Attributes
  • Double-height line (DECDHL)
  • Single-width line (DECSWL)
  • Double-width line (DECDWL)
  • Erase in line (EL)
  • Erase in display (ED)
Computer Editing
  • Delete character (DCH)
  • Insert line (IL)
  • Delete line (DL)
Inserting and Replacing Characters
  • Insertion-replacement mode (IRM)
  • Media copy (MC)
Printer Extent
  • Printer extent mode (DECPEX)
Print Termination Character
  • Printer form feed mode (DECPFF)
  • Device status report (DSR)
  • Cursor position report (CPR)
  • Device attributes (DA)
  • Identify terminal (DECID)
  • Reset to initial state (RIS)
  • Invoke confidence test (DECTST)
  • Screen alignment display (DECALN)
Keyboard indicator
  • Load LED (DECLL)
VT52-Compatible Sequences
ANSI/VT52 Compatibility
  • ANSI mode (DECANM)
Cursor Positioning
  • Cursor up
  • Cursor down
  • Cursor right
  • Cursor left
  • Cursor to home
  • Direct cursor address
  • Reverse linefeed
Keypad Character Selection
  • Application keypad mode
  • Numeric keypad mode
Character Sets and Selection
  • Enter graphics mode
  • Exit graphics mode
  • Erase to end of line
  • Erase to end of screen
  • Auto print
  • Print controller
  • Print cursor line
  • Print screen
  • Identify