Table 1-4 Problem Checklist
Symptom Possible Cause and Corrective Action
VT100 will not turn ON when the power switch is set to ON.

AC power cord is not plugged into wall outlet; plug in cord.

AC power cord is not plugged into the terminal; plug in cord.

Power is not coming from the wall outlet; check outlet with a known working electrical device (such as a lamp). If no power, call your electrician.

AC line fuse blown; turn terminal OFF and have the fuse replaced. (See Figure 1-3 for location).

No keyboard response

Keyboard cable not plugged into monitor; plug in keyboard cable.

KBD LOCKED indicator on; computer has turned the keyboard off. The KBD LOCKED conditions may be cleared by entering and exiting the SET-UP mode. If this condition persists, check with the host computer software people for a possible operating error.

Perform the self-test operation.

Garbled or Error ([checker]) Characters

Incorrect SET-UP feature selection; correct the SET-UP features. Suggested SET-UP features which may be in error:

  • ANSI/VT52 mode
  • Auto XON/XOFF
  • Bits per character
  • Parity
  • Parity sense
  • Receiver speed
  • Transmit speed

Perform the self-test operation.

Several successive long tones

The terminal has had difficulty in reading or writing the SET-UP features stored in non-volatile memory. Check the feature settings and perform the save operation.

Perform the self-test operation.