LA100-Series Programmer Reference Manual


The Letterprinter 100 User Documentation Packages cover all Letterprinter 100 model terminals. The User Documentation is written for three general audiences:

The documentation for the Letterprinter 100 is divided into three books:

This book describes the interface and receive character processing information for the Letterprinter 100 terminals. The programmer should use this manual as a reference when writing application software.

The Programmer Reference Guide is divided into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Communication -- describes the terminal interface and communication features.

Chapter 2 Character Processing -- describes the terminal response to printable characters, control characters, escape sequences, and control strings.

Warnings, Cautions and Notes
In this book, warnings, cautions, and notes are used for specific purposes. Warnings are used to highlight information used to prevent personal injury. Cautions highlight information used to prevent damage to the terminal. Notes are used to highlight general information.