DEC Manuals To Hand

Here is a list of the manuals for DEC terminals and printers that I own. You are welcome to ask me to look up something that you think should be in one of these books.

Note: If you've found this page when searching for information on the DEClaser 5100, I bet it's because your Setup menu is locked, right? In that case, here is how to unlock the Setup menu on a DEClaser 5100.

Eventually, I hope that all of these will be available online, but that will take a very long time, because I have plenty of other work.

I welcome additions to this collection. If you have terminal or printer manuals that you no longer want, or are willing to scan or photocopy one for me, please contact me.

Part Number Title
EK-DL510-IN.A01 DEClaser 5100 Printer Installation and Setup Guide
EK-DL510-UG.A01 DEClaser 5100 Printer User's Guide
EK-DECLA-IN-001 DEClaser 2100plus Printer Installation Guide
EK-DECLA-OG-001 DEClaser 2100plus Printer Operator's Guide
EK-DMF32-UG-002 DMF32 User's Guide
EK-LA100-RM-001 LA100-Series Programmer Reference Manual
EK-LA120-RG-001 DECwriter III LA120 Operator Reference Card
EK-LA120-UG-004, -005 LA120 User Guide
EK-LJ250-UG-001 LJ250/LJ252 Companion Color Printer User's Guide
EK-LJ250-RM-002 LJ250/LJ252 Companion Color Printer Programmer Reference Manual
EK-LPS32-UG-001 PrintServer Printers User's Guide
EK-LW100-IN-001 Letterwriter 100 Installation Guide
EK-OLN03-RM-002 LN03 Programmer Reference Manual
EK-OLN03-UG-002 Installing and Using the LN03
EK-VT100-UG-003 VT100 User Guide
EK-VT101-PS-001 VT101 Series Pocket Service Guide
EK-VT102-RC-001 VT102 Programming Reference Card
EK-VT102-UG-003 VT102 Video Terminal User Guide
EK-VT220-HR-001, -002 VT220 Programmer Pocket Guide
EK-VT220-IN-001 VT220 Installation Guide
EK-VT220-PS-003 VT220 Pocket Service Guide
EK-VT220-RM-001, -002 VT220 Programmer Reference Manual
EK-VT220-UG-001 VT220 Owner's Manual
EK-VT240-HR-001, -002 VT240 Series Programmer Pocket Guide
EK-VT240-PS-002 VT240 Series Pocket Service Guide
EK-VT240-UG-001, -002, -003 VT240 Series Owner's Manual
EK-VT320-PS-001 VT320 Pocket Service Guide
EK-VT320-UU-001 Installing and Using the VT320 Video Terminal
EK-VT330-PS-002 VT330 Pocket Service Guide
EK-VT3XX-GP-001, -002 VT330/VT340 Programmer Reference Manual, Volume 2: Graphics Programming
EK-VT3XX-HR-001, -002 VT330/VT340 Programmer Pocket Guide
EK-VT3XX-TP-002 VT330/VT340 Programmer Reference Manual, Volume 1: Text Programming
EK-VT420-PS-002 VT420 Service Guide
EK-VT420-UU-002 Installing and Using the VT420 Video Terminal (Worldwide Model)
EK-VT510-RM.B01 VT510 Video Terminal Programmer Information
EK-VT520-IN.A01 VT520 Video Terminal: Installation and Operating Information
EK-VT520-RM.A01 VT520/VT525 Video Terminal Programmer Information