Ann Arbor Terminals, Inc.

Named for its home town, Ann Arbor Terminals was founded in 1970 by two ex-Sycor employees, Edward F. Zimmer (1933‒2020) and Michael R. Levine. They started the firm with $15,000 in capital and, within three years, were employing 50 people and had annual sales of $5 million. After attempting and failing to grow the business beyond that, with more manufacturing plants elsewhere, they retreated back to their $5 million position and kept that going until 1989, when they closed the firm and retired.

Local Manuals

1983-01 Ann Arbor Ambassador User Guide

Known Manuals (from Manx)

1974-03 K4080D Terminal Specification
1975 Display Terminal Catalog No. 25
1978 Model 4080-COMPAT Datasheet
1978 Model VT52-COMPAT Datasheet
1978 Model 531E Datasheet
1978 Misc. Sales Literature
1978 ADM3-COMPAT Datasheet
1978-04 Model 400E Datasheet
1979-01 Standard Product Comparison Chart
1979-02 Short Form Price List
1981-12 Ambassador Technical Manual
1982-10 Ambassador User Guide
1984-07 XL Series Brochure
1984-10 XL Series User Guide